Sms Marketing

SMS provides extraordinary opportunity for companies and organizations of all spectrum to send just-in-time information to customers, such as offers, promotions, discounts, product launch, etc.SMS is the most personal mode of marketing as it is one to one, and considered as the most suitable tool for time sensitive marketing.

SMS Marketing in Pakistan has a very high read through rate and as mobile phones become more popular than they have ever been, mobile marketing has become second to none.

Imagine putting your advertisements directly into the hands of potential customers.

SMS marketing services can be effectively used by small companies as well as multinationals. Our clients have increased their sales using our SMS marketing campaigns services. We have large SMS database for many different regions.

Our services are tailor made to suite you. We can design a mobile marketing solution for virtually any business selling a product or service.We offer different flexible packages depending on the nature of your business and the number of SMS messages you wish to circulate.